Monday, July 9, 2007

Still on a Wait List?

It's July. And I know many of you are still on waiting lists. Those calls are coming in every day so don't lose hope. But many schools will go to a wait list once Orientation has already started. It makes for some hectic changes, but no one will ever know you were a waitlist admit - you get the same degree and the same opportunities as everybody else.
For those of you still waiting, if you haven't sent a letter expressing your continuing interest in the school then now is the time. If you can schedule a time to visit the school and meet an admissions officer, even better. The follow-up after that visit is crucial. I've also had clients offered a place in the class during a campus visit (Duke is one of those schools, btw).
Congratulations to T.M., one of my clients who was just pulled off the waitlist at UCLA this morning!

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