Saturday, October 27, 2007

This Week's Law School News

Worth reading this week:

For humor about a very special Yale Law School graduate

And for a great perspective on the recent "how to pick a law school" debate concerning debt and future income, please see the letter to the editor for preLaw Magazine. I was very impressed with this article. In addition to stressing location as being important, Jack Crittenden talks about picking a law school with reaonable tuition. I'm sure he would agree with me about findnig a law school where you are competitive for scholarships as well.

Also in preLaw magazine this week is a good article about Thomas Cooley law school. The law school makes the case that they give people a shot and they do make it sound very noble. I was actually surprised to learn that in 2006, 185 Cooley students transferred to other law schools. That's incredibly promising; it means that other ABA schools repect Cooley enough to admit students who do well there.

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  1. Ann is the best! she was so professional and went out of her way to help me with my personal statement.