Thursday, April 3, 2008

University of Minnesota's Take on the Rankings

Here's another example of a school that hasn't changed much in the rankings since 1996 but is catching flak for going down 2 spots in 2009: University of Minnesota Law School.

Think this school will be watching its incoming LSATs a bit more closely? Probably. With good reason? Probably not. Should be interesting, but we have to remember that the 2009 rankings take 2007 data into account.....

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  1. I finished my 1L year at a 4th tier law school and applied to transfer. I am debating between USF and Santa Clara. Location doesn't matter to me, I just want to get the best education I can and maximize my job prospects. I also want to stay somewhere in the bay area after graduation and am highly cognizent of the 'school snobbery' that goes on in big firms. Which out of the 2 do you recommend?