Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pretend Mom is Looking at your Law School Application

I just found an old but dead-on post from a law school admission office warning people against using e-mail addresses that are not entirely appropriate for law school-law applicant communication. is not the name of a law school applicant - and if it is the name of an applicant then that applicant needs another e-mail address expressly for the purpose of communicating with law schools. (But don't go out and grab either, now that I think about it)
This relates to my previous posting about googling yourself too - make sure your facebook and myspace pages are at least unoffensive. I'm on facebook (as many of you have learned) and my guess is I'm not the only "adult" (aka law school admission officer) who knows how to do a search.
You are entering a profession and you are about to connect with the people you'll be practicing law alongside. What impression do you want these people to have of you and your abilities?
Start acting accordingly now. Professionalism and maturity go a long way, and so does discretion.
I know I sound like a huge loser for lecturing on this topic, but now is the time to consider these issues. I promise, you'll thank me later.

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