Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thinking about Re-taking the LSAT?

Did you just get your LSAT score? Many February LSAT takers are in one of these two situations:

1. Applying for Fall 2008 and now wondering whether to add some schools to the list, or
2. Applying for Fall 2009 and considering re-taking the LSAT in June.

Applying late in the cycle is problematic; many deadlines have passed and others are fairly meaningless because schools may state they continue to accept applications, but the only successful applications are those at or above the 75th percentile numbers. You may want to consider changing courses and following Option #2 and -whether you retake the LSAT in June or not- apply early for Fall 2009.

That buys you the spring and summer to continue to build your experiences and the pieces of your applications, putting you on the ideal time line for law school admissions.

P.S. In the next day or so I'll be continuing the previous discussion forum discussion, so stay tuned.

Friday, February 22, 2008

New Link to Yale Law School Admissions Article

The Yale Daily News has made corrections to its article (which is why the link in my previous post does not function). Here is the current link.

Feb. 2008 LSAT Scores are out!!!

Check your e-mail!!!!

Yale Law Admission Secrets

Here's a great (and useful) article in the Yale Daily News with insights about how Yale Law School makes its admission decisions.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

How to Find a Law Job

My husband was driving to court today in Oxnard, CA and saw a van with an ad on the side. We looked up the website and found a site that claims to be the largest resource for law jobs for attorneys and law students.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Are you a Texan Pre-Law?

The University of Texas at San Antonio is accepting applications for its Summer Law School Preparation Academy. The application deadline is March 26.

One Lawyer's Career - An Example

Yes, she went to a local school and she went part time. Yes, it was 30+ years ago. But don't fail to notice this lawyer's impressive career and the impact she had on people's lives. For all of you idealists out there who want to use the law to make a difference, here's some inspiration.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More about Drexel Law School

Last week I shared the news about Drexel's Provisional ABA Status and today I found an article with great information about Drexel's Law School that I thought would be useful to anyone considering attending.

Is the LSAT Biased Against Women?

I found an interesting post today that makes the case that the LSAT must be biased against women..... see the analysis of the score differentials.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Drexel Law Receives Provisional ABA Accreditation

Thanks to one of my clients for forwarding this good news about Drexel Law School becoming Provisionally Accredited by the ABA. I am confident that this school will serve as a great option in the Philadelphia area.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Online Forum for LLM Applicant & More Forum Thoughts

Following up on yesterday's post....

I am headed out for vacation tomorrow and in hopes of finding a light-hearted pre-holiday weekend post, googled "happy news about law school."

In doing so, I found an online forum that I thought was very useful for LLM Applicants. There's not a lot of information available for these applicants since law schools don't make information readily available about LLM admittees. . . (Just when you thought I was against all online forums and trying to quelch any discussion other than my the way, does humor come across at all on a blog? I'm trying here....)

Regarding yesterday's post, I may have stepped a bit overboard when I stated that I've never seen a productive discussion on the two forums I mentioned. I admit I do not spend much time on these sites and most of what I see through my google alerts notifications tends to be on the nasty side. Just because I've never seen it, however, doesn't mean it isn't there. I am encouraged to learn of friendships made and useful knowledge gained. Obviously, we're all adults here and can use our own sense about whose advice is worth taking.

Thanks to all of my enthusiastic readers of yesterday's post, and for the readers who initially suggested that I address the issue . . . Happy Valentine's Day and President's Day Weekend. I'm off to see Barry Manilow so please forgive me if comments aren't posted until Tuesday.

My daughter is asleep on the couch and I'm going to tuck her in now... You know, I spent more time choosing a pre-school for her than I did selecting a law school for myself... And things worked out ok : )
(By the way, this is an exhausted rant and attempt at humor, please don't start sending me comments about my choice of law school or that things only worked out because I made law review...... I will, however, happily entertain comments telling me that I should stay out of the humor genre and stick to giving advice)

Good night!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Law School Discussion Driving You Crazy?

My readers know that I hate to be negative, but I've been asked to address my feelings on LawSchoolNumbers and Law School Discussion so here goes.

My major problem with these forums is that you can’t trust what people say because you don't really know where the advice is coming from. The people posting information are your competitors. They have an interest in intimidating the competition and spreading rumors. Even if members have the best of intentions, it’s still a case of the blind leading the blind.

Another reason I urge my clients to stay away is because the tone taken by writers on LawSchoolDiscussion is often arrogant, rude, exclusive, elitist and boorish. I haven’t seen a productive discussion on this site. I think it cultivates paranoia and I urge my law school admission consulting clients to stay away. (After all, what do you hope to gain by asking complete strangers to comment on your personal statement? Why show your goods to the competition?)

LawSchoolNumbers is an improvement; it still makes people paranoid and you still can’t trust what people say about themselves, but at least people are usually polite and civil to each other and it does help you organize your own information all in one place. Just remember, it’s not as anonymous as you think and once you start law school you probably won’t want people knowing what your LSAT score was….. When you meet someone at law school and mention playing soccer at X school undergrad, they will remember you….

If you want real information about law school admissions, there are better resources – call the law schools admission offices, a pre-law advisor, or a law school admission consultant. Read a book by a credible law school admissions expert, read blogs by law school admission counselors, and consult other credible sources.

Also, law school applicants spend an extraordinary amount of time on these sites when they could be doing something either productive or enjoyable. (Life is short – either do something productive to boost your chances for law school admission like volunteering for a good cause or reading a thought provoking book, or enjoy your time with friends and family because time will be short once you start law school).

I know there are law school applicants who live and die by these forums and they will probably say I have a financial interest in steering people away from the free advice available on these sites. However, I provide free advice to 5,000 law school applicants a month via this blog and do so in the hopes of providing insight and expertise without the paranoia ; )

Monday, February 11, 2008

Female Law Applicants Not Choosing Politics?

Historically, politicians are largely law school graduates. However, a recent study shows that while the number of female law school applicants is substantially equal to that of men, women are not choosing politics as a career aspiration. For more, see here.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Detroit Mercy to Offer Joint Degree in Mexican Law

Here's a very interesting post on blawg about a law school dean going above and beyond to carve a niche for his graduates.

5 Things Fall 2009 Applicants Can do Right Now

For those of you applying for law school admission for Fall 2009, here is a great timeline for you:

1. LSAT in June 2008 or September 2008. (Prep courses would start 7-8 weeks prior to the test date)

2. Register for LSDAS now and start compiling Letters of Rec. (LSAC has a new website - check it out)

3. Work on your resume, and determine what you can build upon in the next 6 months.

4. Start thinking about your personal statement and/or any optional essays.

5. If you're considering hiring a law school admission consultant, see my previous posts on things to ask a law school admission consultant you're considering hiring. Here's another one about 11 questions to ask a law school admission counselor. Also - there is an accrediting agency called the Association of International Graduate Admission Consultants and its members hold themselves to standards of ethics and quality. Add this to the checklist of things to ask.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Did you take the February 2008 LSAT?

What should you do with your February 2008 LSAT score? Are you hoping to apply for Fall 2008? You'll probably be ok at safety schools but anywhere that you're mid-range or reaching is going to end up with a wait list response at best. This is the joy of rolling admissions.

It might be a better strategy to wait until Fall 2009 entry. You can really work to create impressive applications, strengthen your LORs and resumes, improve your GPA, and apply early (September/October) for the next admission cycle. This can definitely help you to be a more competitive applicant.

If you decide to do this, don't put law school on the back-burner. Be proactive and get yourself on a time-line. The summer will be here before you know it.

P.S. I am currently accepting law school admission consulting clients for Fall 2009 and will accept fewer than 150 this year. Sign up early.

P.P.S. Trends I'm noticing: The following schools seem to be gunning it for improvement in rankings (based on the fact that they are turning down people this year that I think they would have admitted last year): Boston College, George Washington University, Northeastern, and George Mason.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Good luck to all February LSAT Takers

And I apologize for being MIA this week. Today is my seventh official day with the flu and bronchitis...... Fun stuff. I'm so sick of chicken noodle soup I can't even tell you.
I hope my readers are all healthy and doing well and back next week for a more stimulating level of conversation.
In the meantime, check your cell phones. Law School admissions deans are making happy phone calls! (Texas, SMU, UCLA, Boalt and Emory are among them).