Monday, February 11, 2008

Female Law Applicants Not Choosing Politics?

Historically, politicians are largely law school graduates. However, a recent study shows that while the number of female law school applicants is substantially equal to that of men, women are not choosing politics as a career aspiration. For more, see here.


  1. I am interested to see the LSN/Forum post mentioned in comments previously.

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    Shells said...
    Hi Ann - sort of peripherally related to this post - I was wondering what your opinion is of the website Sorry if that's something you've already touched on, but I'm really curious. Do you think it's a good predictive tool, or just something that makes applicants obsess even more than they already do? Thanks!

    February 1, 2008 3:08 PM

    Ann K. Levine, Esq. said...
    I promise to write about this next week!~ Have a great weekend (and in the meantime, stay away from LSN and discussion boards!)

  4. I find this sad, since my college internship experience is all political and it's definitely something I'd consider going back into after law school. Hopefully seeing more women in prominent positions (presidential primary contender, Speaker of the House) will inspire more women in law school to consider this field not just as elected officials, but also as the many political staffers who hold considerable sway and enable those officials to do their jobs.