Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When the Economy Lags.....

Law school applications increase when there are popular law related television shows and when the economy is in a downturn. What better way to duck out of the job market for a few years and increase your chances of a good job when (hopefully) the economy is on an upswing again. This is especially true with regard to top-ranked law schools because people are even more concerned with post-graduation employment than usual. However, I also think it will encourage people to take scholarship offers and attend (relatively cheaper) public schools since loans and cash are problematic at this point.

See Brian Leiter's post today.


  1. Hi Mrs. Levine, with the economy being in as bad as it is, is law school a wise investment? I know that you're a firm believer in location over rank, but with the supply/demand for lawyers being in the less favorable spectrum, would law be a wise investment if one cannot do much better than Tier 3 or 4? Thank you for this helpful blog.

  2. Marshall, thanks so much for this question. I actually recently asked Amanda Ellis, an attorney recruiter in Dallas, to do a guest post for me on this very topic! Look for it next week.