Monday, September 17, 2007

7 Ways to Save Money on Law School Applications

Thanks to my friend Brett McKay at Frugal Law Student for allowing me to guest host his great blog today. You can check out my article "Applying to Law School? 7 Ways to Save Money" there.
I urge law school applicants to read Frugal Law Student regularly, and to be honest the advice is so good that I often share his postings on tantric shopping with my friends who tend to go crazy with designer clothes. If you don't already read Brett's blog, you should.


  1. Any advice on phrasing for requesting a merit-based fee waiver? I have a 175 and a 3.90. Everything I write seems so awkward. I don't qualify for financial need-based waivers.

  2. Ajvj,
    Have you tried just calling and asking?