Wednesday, September 26, 2007

After the LSAT; What's Next?

Don't wait for your LSAT score; there are things you can do in the 2+ weeks that you're waiting for your score. Here are some of them:
1. Request letters of recommendation.
2. Have your transcripts sent to LSAC.
3. Finalize your resume, taking out things appropriate when seeking employment and adding in things that law schools want to know about.
4. Draft your personal statement and get it to the point that it's ready to be adapted to each school's request once you know your LSAT score and finalize your schools list.
5. Participate in one of my free 1-hour webinars entitled, "I've taken the LSAT; Now What?" The next two available dates are Monday, October 1st (8pm EST/5pm PST) and Saturday, October 6th (Noon EST/9a.m. PST). Each webinar is limited to the first 15 participants. To sign up, e-mail me at
6. Hire a Law School Admission Consultant to help you get going with all of these tasks while you wait for your score, and who can counsel you about your strategy in choosing schools once you have your score. Here is more information about Things to Consider When Hiring a Law School Admission Consultant.

Good luck on the LSAT this weekend!


  1. what do you think about skipping law school and becoming a lawyer debt free with the Law Office Study Program.Is it a good idea or not please respond.

  2. I assume you mean in states like CA that allow people (under very limited circumstances) to sit for the Bar exam without a J.D.?
    I don't know anyone who has done this so I guess that's the most telling detail - it's rare. It will also limit your job opportunities, networking, and where you can practice. (Just because one state will give you a license doesn't mean another state has to honor it automatically).

    Since my area of expertise is helping people get into law school, I'm not sure how else to answer this one.