Sunday, July 8, 2007

Financing Law School

Cute ideas for how to make money while in law school are provided by a recent law grad at I.U. Bloomington.

The best piece of advice I can give on this subject was something I heard when I was on a panel discussion as a law student speaking to incoming 1Ls:

If you live like a lawyer while you're in law school, you'll live like a student when you get out.


  1. Great blog Mrs. Levine. One thing about financial aid that everyone law student or law school hopeful needs to know is the competition trap.

    One practice that many law schools have (especially Top 100) is that all the students that are given a full scholarship are thrown into the same section together. Oftentimes, this form of financial aid is contingent on students remaining in the top 5% or so of their class. Many students look at this type of aid without reading the proverbial fine print because they ostensibly are getting a free legal education.

    The truth of the matter is that 95% of students won't be able to keep that type of financial aid. I hope my post helps your blog, but keep up the good work anyway Mrs. Levine.

  2. I disagree completely. I don't know what level of expertise you claim on the subject since you posted anonymously, but schools very carefully and statistically weigh each section to make sure no one section has an academic (or diversity) advantage over any other. Do schools give recruiting scholarships with stringent grade requirements? Yes. Do students lose these scholarships fairly often? Yes. However, your 95% and 5% numbers are outrageous and lacking credibility.
    A one-year guaranteed scholarship is always something to be wary of....