Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A great option: Applying as a Transfer Student

Frustrated that your LSAT and GPA performance will limit your opportunities? Here's something to keep in mind - If you finish your 1L year with good grades, you can transfer into some amazing schools. (Schools don't have to report your LSAT and GPA to the ABA, therefore it doesn't count in rankings).

Some examples - this year I had someone from Golden Gate get into William and Mary, and just today I heard great news that one client who I helped with his JD applications and again with his transfer applications got into Georgetown (from Catholic)! I also want to put in another plug for the ABA LSAC Official Guide to Law Schools - the only book any law school applicant absolutely must own. This year they added information about the number of transfer applicants accepted, and the number of people who transferred out. I will post more goodies about transfers another day - but this should at least put the idea in your head that there are more possibilities than you initially considered.


  1. Ann is right. Not only did she help me with my acceptance to Catholic U last year, but she also helped me with my applications as a transfer student to GW and Georgetown (I was accepted to both). She is attentive, dedicated and genuinely cares for her clients. If you do well your first year, transferring is certainly a reality! I strongly encourage you to have Ann work with you on your applications. You have all the necessary tools; Ann helps you put them in place!

  2. Hi Ann - I just finished my 1L year at a 4th tier school and applied to transfer. I am debating between USF and Santa Clara. Do you have any recommendations? Location doesn't matter to me...I just want to get the best possible education and maximize my career opps. I see that USF went down in the 2009 rankings... help!!