Sunday, July 8, 2007

I have my June LSAT score - What now?

Now that you have your June LSAT score, the application process begins. I'll add some postings this week and next about a timeline and the next steps to take.

Decision #1: Are you retaking the LSAT?

As of June 2006, law schools count the highest of multiple LSAT scores because of a new ABA policy. Therefore, the only downsides to retaking it are: (1) time spent studying; (2) cost; (3) delay in getting your applications reviewed; and (4) the possibility that you might have to explain to a law school why your score decreased the second time.

99% of law school applicants are disappointed with their score on their first LSAT. The question is, how disappointed are you? I listen to my clients and determine from speaking to them whether the circumstances surrounding their score make it likely they would improve on a second attempt. There is no hard and fast rule that applies to everyone so I'd be doing you a great disservice by posting a supposed answer here. Just don't wait until the December exam.

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